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100+ Turn Their Backs on Weill

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100+ Turn Their Backs on Weill

During the May 12th afternoon commencement ceremony at SSU, a pointed commencement speech was made by Marc Lamont Hill where he addressed Sandy’s crimes without mentioning his name and called for the business graduates in particular to behave more responsibly.

He emphasized the need to stand up for what is right, even if you are criticized. During this speech, Ruben Armiñano and Sandy Weill sat quietly and listened.

That set the stage for the silent protest that followed. When the honorary degree was presented, over a hundred people, including serveral dozen graduating students, many in the first few rows, stood up, removed their hats and hung their heads in shame. Witnesses say six faculty on the stage joined in as well.

The ceremony was not disrupted in any other way as some students had feared. As a result of this protest, tens of thousands have been made aware of this shame that SSU has brought upon itself – and hopefully this outrage will never be repeated.


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