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Still a mystery – Star Being Removed from Stands

Still a mystery – Star Being Removed from Stands

Witnesses have reported to the Shame on SSU Coalition that many of the current issues on the Sonoma State Star have been removed from many of the SSU campus stands.

The front page of the Star is running this article about the Day of Shame on SSU protest that has come about as the result of Sanford (Sandy) Weill, the Former CEO of Citigroup being presented with an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters for his donation of $12 million to SSU.

The controversy centers around Mr Weill’s key role in the creation of the financial crisis, including the latest revelations about the mushrooming costs of education and student loans.

UPDATED: When first reported we had no plausible explanation for why these papers have been removed with no prior notice. Since that time, reports have come in that still don’t explain the entire matter (see below), so we are awaiting more information.

This was sent at 2:30pm, May 10th to the SSU Senate:


The editor of the Star estimates that 95 percent of newspapers have been removed as of today. This is unacceptable and a shot across the bow of the First Amendment. These so called cleaning efforts that included the Star removal are an affront to free speech on our campus. The Day of Shame is now. Is this some attempt to cover up our controversies? I join with those who believe in freedom of speech to ask that a full accounting of what happened to these papers be made.

Chip McAuley

5/10 5:30pm UPDATE: The coalition has been told that the SSU administration is denying any involvement and the campus police are investigating the matter.

5/10 8pm UPDATE:  The coalition has been given scattered and sometimes conflicting reports regarding the missing issues of the Sonoma State Star. Some reports include personnel in blue SSU shirts removing stacks of them that were later claimed as part of a clean up effort. Witnesses say this was repeated in several locations. Later, after this story was out, a few racks were seen with papers in them once again.

At this time, the disappearances of Star issues from the stands is still mostly unexplained. We will post updates as new information comes to light.

  1. Stephen says:

    Wow… it looks like the shame started a day early. So now we are going to toss free speech and freedom of the press out the window too?

    Armiñana is obviously in damage control mode – but he’s doing most of the damage himself it seems!

  2. Annie F says:

    Let the game of cat and mouse begin!

    These are the types of cloak and dagger dramas that always follow a protest like this.

    Good for you for not making any claims about what happened to the papers. They will probably disappear, appear, disappear and reappear several times before this ‘mystery’ is solved!

  3. I thought I’d read that they’d been returned.