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Day of Shame Specifics

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Day of Shame Specifics

Please wear black clothing appropriate for a graduation.

Signs will visible before and after the ceremonies and during the silent rallies BUT NOT brought anywhere near the ceremony itself. Bring your own and please make them respectful to students.

Creative protest and mock ceremonies should be exercised at the rally areas, not anywhere near the ceremony.

This protest will use the power of silence and will be 100% non-violent.
If you are looking to cause trouble, stay home.

Saturday, May 12th Schedule:

(please join us for all or part of these events)


8:00 a.m. meet at SSU on the stairs of Persons Theater. We will pass out educational flyers and congratulate students

9:00am- First Ceremony: participating students and faculty and respectful peripheral protesters* will stand up silently, and turn our backs, remove caps and bow our heads during the conferral of Sanford Weills degree.**

11:30- Silent Rally at Green Music Center

2:00- Meet again at stairs of Persons Theater to pass out more flyers and congratulations.

3:00- Second Ceremony (we will do the same)*

*= please allow seats to be filled with students, their families and their friends. If there is extra room and you are dressed appropriately to the occasion, you may join the periphery of the ceremony in silence. No signs please.
**= it is unclear as to whether he will receive a degree during the first, second or both ceremonies. Either way, our response will be the same.



Parking at SSU is free on graduation day. Please reserve closer spaces for students’ families as many will be elderly.   Click here for parking map.

The most important aspect of this protest is that we contrast honoring the students for their achievements in a tasteful way with hanging our heads in shame that SSU is taking dirty money and putting forth a pariah, who does not deserve any honor, for commencing students to emulate. This will be a very powerful juxtaposition.

Please make your signs in such a way as to honor and respect the students and their friends and families. We suggest that in the spirit of this respect, signs be kept to black and white and use respectful and collegiate language and imagery. Signs and all sound should be kept to the rally areas only–absolutely not anywhere near the ceremony itself. We are committed to peaceful, silent protest.

Note: This information is being conveyed directly from the organizing working group. This donated website only functions as a communication channel for them and for no one else. The working group is made up of many students, faculty and community activists and all information on this site are the fruits of their collective process.

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