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Get involved!

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Get involved!

There are many ways you can get involved in the Day of Shame on SSU.

Sign the petition to tell the SSU Board of trustees to revoke this shameful honorary degree. also has a similar petition here.

Get the word out to other universities, the press and other concerned citizens! Spread the word or this shame will go unnoticed and probably repeat itself!

Show up for the day-long protest at SSU on May 12th, culminating in the silent shame of Weill’s ‘award’ at the commencement ceremony at Noon. People will be protesting, performing street theater and sending a silent message of scorn during the proceedings.

The Day of Shame on SSU is being supported by many grass roots organizations. All are respectful of legitimate students’ honors and will therefore peacefully protest in silence during the ceremony. These participating groups include SSU students, students from other colleges and universities, Occupy SSU, Occupy Sonoma, Occupy Santa Rosa, Occupy Petaluma, Occupy Sebastopol, The Peace & Justice Center, retired SSU faculty, and many local citizens. Links are provided on the right for many of these groups.

Attend a General Assembly at one of the Sonoma-based Occupy locations. All local Occupy assemblies will be involved in this action and each have their own plans and working groups devoted to it. You will find links to them on the right.

Join us on Facebook to discuss this shame here.

Call or email your congress representatives and let them know that you strongly disapprove of these corrupting influences on higher education.


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