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Agreement of Non-Disruption – Unanimous Resolution

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Agreement of Non-Disruption – Unanimous Resolution

The “Shame On SSU Coalition”  SUPPORTS, HONORS, AND CONGRATULATES the SSU grads who have worked so hard TO EARN their degrees. MAY 12th IS THEIR DAY!

We have unanimously committed ourselves to non-violence and non-disruption of the SSU graduation ceremonies on May 12th. We are also wholly committed to a silent, respectful, non-disruptive protest against the decision to present Sandy Weill with a “paid-for” honorary degree.

We will wear black as a symbol that we are committed to peace and justice and actively opposed to injustice. Power-broker Sandy Weill is one of the BANKSTERS most directly responsible for the nation’s economic collapse. We stand strongly opposed to honoring him, and his wife Joan, at the SSU graduation ceremony.

We will provide the following request to graduation attendees:

“If you are drowning in student debt or your future job prospects are significantly diminished because of the economic crisis;

if you have lost your home, are in foreclosure, or have seen your rent increase dramatically;

if you oppose the corporatization of public education;

if you oppose the racist aspects of the sub-prime crisis;

or if you oppose the super-wealthy subverting our democracy for their own private gain:

PLEASE JOIN US IN TURNING YOUR BACK ON HONORING THE WEILLS, as they have dis-honored, diminished and destroyed the lives of so many hardworking Americans.”

WE DO NOT PLAN TO HAVE SIGNS, MAKE NOISE, OR CAUSE DISRUPTIONS of any kind during the graduation ceremonies. The simple act of TURNING OUR BACKS on Sandy and Joan Weill are the only actions that will be taken by the “Shame On SSU Coalition”.g

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